Netformx AssetXpert™


Keep MSP customer networks humming

MSPs can deliver first-rate service by ensuring your customer networks consistently run at high reliability and resilience—without failures from IT or cybersecurity issues with regular network assessments and predictive network maintenance.

Netformx AssetXpert™ now supports MSP’s to give you an ongoing, accurate view of your customer network environment, automatically assess potential network and security risks, and prioritize the firestorm of threats and alerts so you can focus your efforts on the issues with the greatest impact.

Detect vulnerabilities with multivendor assessment of the network’s posture

Uncover all aspects of the network and its controls (services, software, network devices)

  • Discover the current network and its risks before they become service disruptions
    Continuous cloud-based assessments detail multivendor network inventory and risks
  • Visualize the physical and logical network
    Map and analyze network structure and topology (including firewalls that limit physical connectivity between logical network segments), and end-point devices
  • Differentiate your services with end-customer portals
    Give your customers access to their network assessment summary

Predict potential issues before they occur

Predict ever-changing threats to reliability and resilience, whether IT or cyber

  • Identify potential network posture risks with AI machine reasoning
    Deep, predictive AI-based analysis provides details and insights needed to manage network assets
  • Ongoing predictive network maintenance provides historical analysis
    Compare the network posture today with yesterday or months ago
  • Efficiently reduce risks and continually improve and maintain customer networks
    Focus on intelligent, proactive risk reduction instead of manual fire-fighting efforts

Focus on the most critical issues first

Determine the most important actions to reduce future security and resilience problems

  • Assess the probabilities of potential risks with AI machine reasoning
    Understand the risk scenarios, their potential impacts, and remediation needed
  • Prioritize hundreds of vulnerabilities based on likelihood and potential impact
    Correct the issues with the largest risk first
  • Provide a high level of customer service by preventing network degradations
    Be proactive with predictive network maintenance to ensure network resilience

Give customers a view of their network

Increase stickiness, heighten communications, and customer value by giving your customers access to view their network via AssetXpert end-customer portals.

  • Differentiate to win the business and deliver a better customer experience
    Deliver ongoing customer communications via the portal
  • Provide customer a custom view of their network assets and status
    Build trust and instill confidence by seeing exactly how you handle the network



AssetXpert for Renewals Teams

Easily manage Cisco SmartNet contracts, software subscriptions, and IT assets leveraging tooling that also supports MSP organizations

Not only can MSPs see their customers network devices and assets at a glance with Netformx AssetXpert, but Cisco partner Renewals Teams and their customers can also leverage this self-service portal to organize and manage at a glance SmartNet contracts, software subscriptions, and assets. It provides a unified customer-centric view of assets and contracts as well as business intelligence on coverage and expiration dates. Partners can create customer-specific views for their sales team and also offer these portals to their customers. With the Netformx AssetXpert portal, you have easy access to data on your customer’s SmartNet renewal situation and can proactively work with them to ensure renewals are done on time.



Customer Testimonials

Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson
VP of Client Solutions, SMP

Facilitating a Top-Notch Customer Experience
“AssetXpert provides substantial productivity and efficiency gains that free up time so that we can provide top-notch client experience.”



Sami Abunasser
Sami Abunasser
Founder and Chief of Engineering, Native12

Managing Renewals & Reducing Operational Costs During Covid-19
“A customer, impacted by the global pandemic, wanted visibility into their assets and to reduce costs. Using Netformx Discovery, DesignXpert and AssetXpert, we built a comprehensive view of the 400K assets, maintenance and software contracts. With a single source of truth we can focus on their renewals with reduced costs. Without AssetXpert it would have been near impossible to achieve in the needed time frame.”



Terry Abbot
Terry Abbot
Director of Client Experience, SMP

Automate and Streamline Managing Subscriptions
“With AssetXpert, all the details about our customer’s Cloud and SaaS subscriptions and SmartNet contracts are at our fingertips. That powerful information enables our Client Success Managers to provide a high-touch experience without spending days manually gathering, merging, cleansing and massaging contract data. Our CX team can quickly map the variations of client names in contracts and share the data with our teams in minutes instead of hours.”



Rich Tehrani
Rich Tehrani

Netformx AssetXpert Wins Product of the Year
“Congratulations to Netformx for being honored with a Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. AssetXpert is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best communications products and services available on the market today. I look forward to continued excellence from Netformx in 2019 and beyond.”

Sami Abunasser
Sami Abunasser
Founder and Chief of Engineering, Native12

Quickly Pull Accurate Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Assets
When you have customers with hundreds of thousands of assets in thousands of locations, Netformx enables us to quickly obtain accurate data around our customers assets and contracts, while providing a mechanism for real-time data feeds to ensure our data is always up-to-date.



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AssetXpert for Cisco Renewals


AssetXpert for Cisco Renewals

Easily manage Cisco SmartNet® contracts, software subscriptions, and customer assets

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