Netformx AssetXpert delivers cybersecurity features

MSPs can deliver first-rate service by ensuring your customer networks consistently run at high reliability and resilience—without failures from IT or cybersecurity issues with regular network assessments and predictive network maintenance.

AssetXpert provides you the information on the network and network devices that is invaluable to maintaining network security resilience. These are available as a result of a network scan and its analysis by AssetXpert. Get the full AssetXpert story.

As Netformx continues to expand our cybersecurity features in AssetXpert™ we recommend you visit this page regularly for the latest updates.

AssetXpert Cybersecurity Features:

  • Discovery – Obviously you cannot protect what you do not know to exist and so discovering all network equipment to assess the devices is vital to making sure your customers network is safe
  • EoX – AssetXpert provides you enriched information about the network devices and when they will reach various milestones with respect to their serviceable lifespan:
    • End of Sale (EoS)
    • End of New Service (EoNS)
    • Last Day of Support (LDoS)
  • CVE and CVSS – Have at your fingertips information about the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) affecting the network devices and the severity of those CVEs via a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
  • Segmentation – Benefit with insights and visualization of network segmentation and segment connectivity
  • Configuration backup – You can automatically store a backup of the network device configuration for each network device discovered
  • Configuration best practice – Simplify analyzing device configuration for adherence to best practices (currently Cisco IOS only)
  • PSIRT and Field Notices (FN) – Have additional Cisco specific security information that you can prioritize and address

Netformx tools help simplify the complexity of being an MSP

Netformx AssetXpert™ supports MSP’s to give you an ongoing, accurate view of their customer network environment, automatically assess potential network and security risks, and prioritize the firestorm of threats and alerts so you can focus your efforts on the issues with the greatest impact. Get the full story on AssetXpert for MSPs to maintain customer assets and simplify management and renewal of Cisco SmartNet® contracts, software subscriptions.

AssetXpert Cybersecurity Features


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