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As an IT vendor you are challenged to efficiently manage your product and service content and distribute them in a timely fashion to your distributors and solution providers. With Netformx tools you can automate the distribution of updated and accurate product catalog content, including product construction rules, attributes, reference part numbers, suggested pricing, bundles, promotions and more.

Provide your customers with accurate solution data

When using Netformx solutions to generate proposals users can easily and accurately include your equipment, software, and services. Rules enable virtually any network design professional, from novice to the most experienced, to easily access and accurately use your information with full confidence that all components will work in harmony.

Netformx tools help you manage product catalogs:

  • KnowledgeXpert: Efficiently incorporate and manage your solution and service content and distribute them to Netformx applications
  • KnowledgeBase: Provide your products, services, and program compliance data

Consider Partnering with Netformx

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Simplify content management and efficiently incorporate and manage vendor- and company specific solutions and services



Create validated, professional multivendor graphical network designs and proposals
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