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AssetXpert for Cisco Renewals


The asset management challenge

Management of customer IT assets and contracts can be challenging and time-consuming. IT assets are spread across multiple sites, networks and geographies, and their maintenance varies by location, asset type, service type, coverage level, and more. Partners often order Cisco SmartNet® support contracts with inconsistent customer/entity naming conventions, making it impossible to create consolidated views of end-customer assets and contracts. Also, non-aligned contracts expire at different times throughout the year and assets are often moved without updating the asset’s location information, resulting in inaccurate asset information.

See customer assets at a glance

Not only can MSPs see their customers network devices and assets at a glance with Netformx AssetXpert, but Cisco partner Renewals Teams and their customers can also leverage this self-service portal to organize and manage at a glance SmartNet contracts, software subscriptions, and assets. It provides a unified customer-centric view of assets and contracts as well as business intelligence on coverage and expiration dates. Partners can create customer-specific views for their sales team and also offer these portals to their customers. With the Netformx AssetXpert portal, you have easy access to data on your customer’s SmartNet renewal situation and can proactively work with them to ensure renewals are done on time.

Notifications and status in real time

The Netformx AssetXpert portal summarizes in real time your customer’s asset service contracts and Last Day of Support (LDoS) notifications as well as asset-to-service levels. Visibility is provided into SmartNet lifecycle contract start and end dates, as well as active and expired contract status. AssetXpert provides interactive search capabilities and drill-down of asset details and reflects the asset selections on a geographic asset heat map. Reports, such as asset lists, can be downloaded to document current status.

The AssetXpert portal is based on the partner’s Cisco CCW-R data, pulled from daily Cisco feeds. Netformx organizes that data, allowing you to normalize customer name variations, giving you a consolidated and comprehensive view of your customer’s contracts.

With Netformx AssetXpert you can:

  • Have Renewal Visibility and Insights
    • Be proactive with your customers by having accurate contract and renewal information at your fingertips
    • Visualize, optimize, and prioritize your renewal process in a unified application
    • See a customer’s complete Cisco portfolio: contracts, software, and subscriptions
    • Ensure non-stop SmartNet coverage
    • Customizable SmartNet contract grid to control the appearance of columns for users and end-customer portals based on preferences
  • Manage and Organize Assets
    • Streamline the administration of MAC-D requests
    • Increase productivity with simplified contract, subscription, and asset management
    • Improve efficiency with clean and organized end-customer data
    • Map different naming conventions and identifiers from all the data sources
    • Quickly identify single end-customer enforcement (SECE) conditions
    • Integrate with CCW-R APIs
  • Differentiate from the competition by providing End-customer portals
    • Enable self-service management and control over Cisco Assets
    • Increase stickiness with visibility to upcoming renewals to keep their assets, SmartNet contracts and subscriptions in order
  • Find Upsell Opportunities
    • Have an accurate view of coverage by uploading your customers inventory using Netformx Discovery and have visibility to assets which may have been sold by your competitor and ripe for refresh or renewal
    • Automate end-of-life (and other milestone) product replacement suggestions
    • Identify opportunities to to increase the size of the renewal

The Power of 3 to Manage and Capture Cisco Lifecycle Incentive Rewards

Customer Experience (CX) teams are now able to leverage automation to analyze and prioritize Cisco Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) reward opportunities throughout the customer journey. With visibility to all the data to properly plan during presales, you will be able to better manage activation and adoption post-sales and ensure timely renewals. Learn about the Netformx Power of 3 Advantage for a full Lifecycle Incentive journey that is ready to use today. The advantage of combining the Pipeline Insight Tool, ChannelXpert, and AssetXpert will automate full lifecycle management and increased reward capture.

AssetXpert for Cisco RenewalsAssetXpert for Cisco Renewals

AssetXpert for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Take managing end-customer assets to an entirely new level with Netformx AssetXpert for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to conduct automated network scans that provide the actual status of network equipment and its topology, plus an analysis of vulnerabilities. With AssetXpert MSPs gain up-to-date insights on detected equipment status, EoX situations, upsell opportunities, and security vulnerabilities. AssetXpert delivers continuous, scheduled network discovery and analysis, physical and logical topology mapping, enhanced device information, fully automated Cisco PSIRTs and more to give you a comprehensive, up-to-date view of assets to maintain your end-customer networks.

IT Solution Providers and Managed Solution Providers (MSPs) will benefit from ongoing multivendor assessment insights that enable efficient, effective network asset maintenance.

AssetXpert for Cisco Renewals

Customer Testimonials

Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson
VP of Client Solutions, SMP

Facilitating a Top-Notch Customer Experience
“AssetXpert provides substantial productivity and efficiency gains that free up time so that we can provide top-notch client experience.”



Sami Abunasser
Sami Abunasser
Founder and Chief of Engineering, Native12

Managing Renewals & Reducing Operational Costs During Covid-19
“A customer, impacted by the global pandemic, wanted visibility into their assets and to reduce costs. Using Netformx Discovery, DesignXpert and AssetXpert, we built a comprehensive view of the 400K assets, maintenance and software contracts. With a single source of truth we can focus on their renewals with reduced costs. Without AssetXpert it would have been near impossible to achieve in the needed time frame.”



Terry Abbot
Terry Abbot
Director of Client Experience, SMP

Automate and Streamline Managing Subscriptions
“With AssetXpert, all the details about our customer’s Cloud and SaaS subscriptions and SmartNet contracts are at our fingertips. That powerful information enables our Client Success Managers to provide a high-touch experience without spending days manually gathering, merging, cleansing and massaging contract data. Our CX team can quickly map the variations of client names in contracts and share the data with our teams in minutes instead of hours.”



Rich Tehrani
Rich Tehrani

Netformx AssetXpert Wins Product of the Year
“Congratulations to Netformx for being honored with a Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. AssetXpert is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best communications products and services available on the market today. I look forward to continued excellence from Netformx in 2019 and beyond.”

Sami Abunasser
Sami Abunasser
Founder and Chief of Engineering, Native12

Quickly Pull Accurate Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Assets
When you have customers with hundreds of thousands of assets in thousands of locations, Netformx enables us to quickly obtain accurate data around our customers assets and contracts, while providing a mechanism for real-time data feeds to ensure our data is always up-to-date.



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