The Power of 3 Netformx Applications

The Lifecycle Incentive management challenge

Cisco rewards Partners across the customer experience lifecycle, from the start through activation, adoption, and expansion. Yet Cisco Partner Sales and Customer Experience teams struggle to manage the full customer experience process so that it maximizes their Cisco Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) rewards and their customers’ experience.

Access all the data to manage the full Lifecycle

Netformx applications enable Sales and Customer Experience teams to increase profitability by simplifying and automating the management of the Lifecycle Incentive program to better ensure reward payout.

Merging our deep expertise of Cisco programs with complete, consolidated, and digestible data from distributors and numerous Cisco platforms we deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

Gain visibility into your sales pipeline’s LCI rewards potential with up-to-date data to help you prioritize and plan.

Then automatically have at your fingertips the actionable information you need to manage activation, adoption, and utilization post-sales and to ensure timely renewals and expansion opportunities.

Take control: manage your LCI rewards end-to-end

Use Netformx combined applications to proactively manage your entire LCI process to maximize profitability and customer experience.

  • Have early visibility into potential LCI rewards pipeline
  • Identify and prioritize LCI opportunities
  • Monitor and track plans and actions
  • Track reward approvals and payments
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Identify expansion opportunities

The Netformx Power of 3 advantage

The Netformx Power of 3 provides these Lifecycle Incentive advantages:

  • Complete direct & distributor data: Consolidated, digestible data from distributors and numerous Cisco platforms feed all stages of the LCI journey from pre-sale to post-sale
  • Critical logic: Automated correlation of Deal ID to purchase orders and customer names to identify LCI reward eligibility
  • Actionable dashboards: Actionable insights that deliver the right data to the right people at the right time
  • Increased reward capture: Timely visibility into reward opportunities and deadline notifications for required Customer Success and Business Outcomes Plans
  • Manage asset renewals: Identify expansion opportunities and manage renewals
  • Cisco program expertise: Independent expert advice on how to improve and maximize LCI program performance

Netformx Power of 3 applications

Netformx enables Partners to manage their LCI process out-of-the-box with these applications:

  • Partner Incentive Tool: Identify LCI-eligible SKUs on deals and estimates for visibility into potential LCI reward pipeline during the sales cycle
  • LifecycleXpert: Analyze and prioritize LCI opportunities, determine where to take action on plans and activities, milestones, and due dates, and track payments to ensure you get paid
  • AssetXpert: Simplify management of subscriptions, SmartNet contracts, and renewals and identify Expand* opportunities to increase reward payouts

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