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The Lifecycle Incentive management challenge

Cisco rewards Partners for developing customer success practices and creating value across the customer experience lifecycle, from the very start through to use or activation and adoption. Yet Cisco Partner Sales, Customer Experience, and Customer Success teams struggle to integrate the complex customer experience process while maximizing their Cisco Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) rewards.

Simplify Lifecycle Incentive management

The Netformx LifecycleXpert application, powered by ChannelXpert™, brings program intelligence to Sales and Customer Experience teams so they can increase profitability by maximizing LCI reward submission and collection. This is achieved by automating the management of LCI reward requirements and deadlines for Use/Activate and Adopt.

LifecycleXpert helps you analyze and prioritize LCI opportunities, determine where to take action on plans and activities, see what’s needed to meet milestones and due dates, and track payments to ensure you get paid. It gives you a view of the entire LCI journey. LifecycleXpert enables a rapid ROI with automatic analysis of comprehensive data and actionable insights that show the potential rewards — all on a single pane of glass.

Get full access to Cisco and Distributor data

To gain the most benefit from the LCI program it is critical to have access to all the necessary data. This can be a challenging task since the data is distributed across numerous systems. To save you valuable time, LifecycleXpert gathers and aggregates up-to-date LCI data from Distributors and various Cisco platforms. It consolidates all the available LCI information, analyzes both Annuity and Architecture data on a constant basis with up-to-date program logic. The results are presented in an actionable dashboard with an easy-to-understand format—delivering the right data to the right people at the right time.

With Netformx LifecycleXpert you can:

  • Identify and prioritize LCI reward opportunities with one click
    • Consolidate Tier1 and Tier2 data from multiple sources, with automated continuous refreshes
    • Immediately see eligible LCI opportunities and potential rewards, by quarter, phase, and track
    • Apply filters and prioritize opportunities to maximize reward payouts
    • Identify Annuity LCI reward opportunities for needed actions well before access is available through Cisco systems
  • Meet plan requirements and deadlines
    • Get notifications for required actions, crucial milestones, and due dates, including Customer Success Plans (CSP) and Successful Business Outcomes (SBO)
    • Ensure due dates are accurate by correlating Deal IDs to bookings, plans, and activities
    • Monitor current and upcoming requirements and deadlines with a visual LCI timeline
    • Streamline insights with quarterly analysis and view historical results
  • Track to ensure all rewards are paid
    • Analyze potential payout status to take further action
    • Track the approved payout by customer and Activity
    • Verify Activity-based reward incentives are paid
    • Visibility to ensure all rewards are collected





The Power of 3 to manage and capture Cisco Lifecycle Incentive rewards

Customer Experience (CX) teams are now able to leverage automation to analyze and prioritize Cisco Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) reward opportunities throughout the customer journey. With visibility to all the data to properly plan during presales, you will be able to better manage activation and adoption post-sales and ensure timely renewals. Learn about the Netformx Power of 3 Advantage for a full Lifecycle Incentive journey that is ready to use today. The advantage of combining the Pipeline Insight Tool, LifecycleXpert, and AssetXpert is automated full lifecycle management and increased reward capture.

Customer Testimonials

Pat Henson
Pat Henson
VP of Operations at Veytec

Elevating LCI Rewards to 5% of Cisco Spend
“Using Netformx automation Veytec had 5% of our annual spend with Cisco returned in Lifecycle Incentive dollars. On top of that, we saved valuable resource time. The ROI on Netformx tools is real and significant.”

Deanna Davenport
Deanna Davenport
Director of Lifecycle Services at ConvergeOne

Consolidated and Actionable Insight to Manage LCI
“It is easy to track our success with the program thanks to at-a-glance analysis, charting, and reporting of our historical and new opportunities. Netformx LifecycleXpert enables us to take a bird’s eye view and to really manage our LCI program rather than getting lost in the details of data acquisition and analysis. That is a huge benefit to us.”


Pat Henson
Pat Henson
VP of Operations at Veytec

Track LCI adoption, usage, and success plans
“Netformx LifecycleXpert streamlines the process of managing LCI so we can provide an exceptional customer experience. We can track adoption and usage and ensure that customer success plans are completed on time. We can quickly view orders that are qualified and are close to qualifying. No more manual white board and spreadsheet management! No going in and out of Cisco portals.”

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