DesignXpert Installation issue: KB2999226 is installed but DesignXpert installation UI indicates it is not

Sometimes during DesignXpert installation, you may get a message that KB2999226 is not installed. If you download KB2999226 and install it, and get the following message:

And you also check in the Control Panel ->Programs -> Programs and Features -> Installed Updates, it may show KB2999226 is already installed:

This occurs because sometimes the registry entries for some windows updates do not get updated and that is probably why it is not showing the KB2999226 as not installed, during the Netformx DesignXpert installation.  

To fix the problem, please try uninstalling it and install it again, using the following steps:  

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Windows Update.
  2. Go to Installed Updates /View Install Updates and check if KB2999226 is installed.
  3. If yes, uninstall it.
  4. Run the DesignXpert installation package again.
  5. When you get the error about KB2999226, click on the download link to the right of the notification to get the KB2999226 installation file.
  6. Continue to install it and click on Refresh button on the DesignXpert installation UI to continue with your installation

If you still experience a problem, submit a case by emailing