Why are my Cisco Network Assessment reports empty?

Sometimes no data is displayed on the Network Assessment Reports after a successful Netformx Discovery. This data is not available unless a successful upload and download to Cisco Smart Advisor server has occurred.

To submit a Netformx Discovery project to CSA: Go to DESIGN TAB > ANALYSIS > CISCO SMARTADVISOR > SUBMIT NETWORK ASSESSMENT REQUEST to upload your discovery data to CSA.

Before performing this action, please ensure that the minimum requirements were met for a successful CSA analysis.

  • SNMP version and community string was correct (responsible for EoX data)
  • Telnet/SSH password and enable password were configured and correct
  • ‘Enable Cisco Smart Advisor’ was checked on the Cisco Specific tab in the Discovery configuration dialog box.

If you need additional assistance, submit a case at support@netformx.com.