How to import a Discovery file (NDR) into a project

NDR files are created when DesignXpert is used to run a network Discovery. The NDR file contains all of the data that is collected from the network. These files can be imported into new projects.

  • Open and SAVE a new project
  • Associate the NDR file to the new project by going to the N Button > Project Properties > then define the path of the NDR in the Netformx Discovery Database field
  • Click SAVE
  • Import the NDR file by going to Design tab > Discov > Import Discovered Network
  • A window will pop up asking if you would like to review the information prior to importing, select YES or NO
  • If you select YES , the Discovery configuration screen is displayed, simply click the RED X in the top right to close the window and begin importing

Please allow ample time for the import to complete.