NEWS STORY: Pipeline Article

January 9, 2013
Pipeline Publishing
"The Next Profitability Challenge: Enterprise Cloud".

Ittai Bareket of Netformx identifies the challenges CSP's may experience in achieving profitability for cloud-based and hosted service deployments. Michael Fitz, Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit share what is Sprint is doing to combat this challenge.

Communications service providers (CSPs) have historically focused on making order management for consumer services more efficient, faster and easier to use. Meanwhile, demand for services provided to enterprises grew quickly as the design and ordering of enterprise services became increasingly complex and was no longer suitable for previously used manual processes relying on spreadsheets, simplified network diagrams and knowledge trapped in the heads of individuals. This created inefficiencies and the potential for errors in network design and provisioning, which directly impact profitability; solving this profitability challenge has been imperative as cloud-based and hosted-service deployments continue to accelerate.

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