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Optimize solutions and profitability with automation and analytics

By applying automation, optimization, and analytics throughout the sales and renewals lifecycle, Netformx applications shield you from the complexity of products, services, and vendor programs and incentives. By eliminating manual drudgery, you can focus on your customers and on winning profitable deals.

The Netformx Application Suite includes:

  • Discovery: Ensure accuracy by quickly baselining the existing network and comparing to what was sold
  • DesignXpert: Create validated, professional multi-vendor diagrams and proposals
  • Pipeline Insight Tool: Gain critical business insights with a 360-degree view of your Cisco pipeline and analyze margin for best customer and competitive pricing
  • VIP CalculatorAnalyze Cisco VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts
  • ChannelXpert: Manage your sales business and optimize Cisco incentive program participation from a single pane of glass
  • AssetXpert: Easily manage Cisco SmartNet® contracts, software subscriptions, and customer assets
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