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The LAER steps are:

IT solution and service providers, such as resellers and Communications Service Providers, are being challenged on multiple fronts. Their customers may be large corporations with multiple branches that span jurisdictions or small to mid-sized enterprises with more straightforward networking needs. No matter what the size, enterprises expect excellent customer service and solutions that meet their needs. Competition is intense and sharply focused on providing the best customer experience

  • Land: All sales and marketing activities required to land
    the first sale of a solution to a new customer, and the initial implementation of that solution
  • Adopt: All activities involved in making sure the customer is successfully adopting and expanding their
    use of the solution
  • Expand: All activities required to cost-effectively help current customers expand their spending as
    usage increases, including both cross-selling and upselling
  • Renew: All activities required to ensure the customer renews their contract(s)


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