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To support Cisco Partners, Netformx is providing complimentary services to help our software users be more profitable. Treat us as an extension of your team.

Our Experts can help in any of the following areas*:

  • Scour your proposals to:

    • Find better alternates in your design to deliver best-of-breed solutions for your customers.
    • Analyze Estimates, Deals and BOM’s to increase Cisco VIP and LCI program participation.
    • Perform Margin analysis to determine end-customer pricing and maximize margins, as well as performing “what-if” pricing scenarios
    • Identify potential VIP payout and provide payout details by hardware and subscription
  • Perform health-check services on your Cisco business:

    • Analyze VIP rebate requirements so no earned rebates or payments are missed.
    • Assist with rebate reconciliation for CSPP and VIP.
    • Identify Activate, Adopt, and Expand opportunities for the Lifecycle Incentives (LCI) program.
  • Work with you throughout the customer lifecycle to:

    • Ensure timely renewal notifications providing a list of SmartNet and other renewals due in the next 30/60/90 days.
    • Find equipment and services ripe for replacement in your customers networks
    • Discover customer’s SKU’s ready for a refresh that are going End-of-Life (EoL) or End-of-Service (EoS)
    • Open End Customer Portals for your customers to view their services and subscription contracts

*There may be some on-boarding requirements if you don’t already have access to some of our platforms.

We are ready to help you to identify new opportunities to be more profitable with your Cisco business and deliver excellent customer service and success.

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and simplification tools can help you

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