Provide self-service for enterprise end-customers to track and manage their MAC-D activities

IT solution providers are on a journey to transform their businesses and meet their enterprise customers’ desire for more self-service capabilities. IT solution providers that automate interactions with their end-customers see higher retention rates, improved customer experience, and greater loyalty. The ability for Cisco partners to instantly open portals for end-customers to view and manage their service contracts is a game changer that improves both partner and end-customer productivity.

Features and Benefits
  • Easily Manage SmartNet contracts and assets
  • Clean & Organize end-customer SmartNet assets
  • Provide & Enable customer tracking of contract details
  • Automate the administration of move, add, change, or disconnect (MAC-D) requests
  • BI Dashboard to visualize, optimize & prioritize your renewal process

Netformx AssetXpert simplifies renewal management by providing a comprehensive view of the customer’s SmartNet contracts and associated assets on a single pane of glass. It summarizes the contract renewal facts so you can have proactive discussions with your customers, ensure accuracy before the quote is delivered, and facilitate contract co-terming. In addition, your customers can be given access to a self-serve portal so they can stay informed about and take action on their renewals.

  • Netformx AssetXpert presents critical asset & SmartNet contract details
  • Last Day of Support (LDoS) Notifications
  • Asset-to-Service Level Tracking
  • SmartNet Contract Renewals & Expirations
  • Visual Indication Location Tracking
  • Asset Search and Review Panel
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