Margin Analysis Tool

Netformx Margin Analysis Tool

Optimize your pricing activities to maximize your margin dollars using fully leveraged Promotions & Incentives


Partners in the Americas can benefit from the Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) in addition to the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT).

Netformx and Cisco worked closely to create the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to help sales teams uncover the highest cost discount possible by leveraging the best combinations of Promotions & Incentives when purchasing Cisco products. Netformx has now added to their Suite of Applications, Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) to provide an innovative, visual interface for Cisco Partners to see the line-level SKU cost impact of Promotions & Incentives and determine the best combination of end-customer pricing actions to drive the highest margin potential by leveraging the data feed from PIT.

What is the Netformx Margin Analysis Tool?

  • Seamlessly integrated with the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) sellers can now maximize margin dollars by using the Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) feed from PIT output
  • MAT enables Partners to dial into optimal customer pricing through accurate margin analysis for CCW Estimates tuned by PIT Promotion & Incentive selections
  • PIT Promotion and Incentive assignment drive Estimate SKU line-level cost inputs viewed in the MAT; Partners can optimize budgetary customer quotes through price modifier action taken in the MAT
  • By toggling between PIT Promotion & incentive selection analysis and MAT customer pricing activities for the same Estimate, users can see immediately how PIT Promotion & Incentive choices directly impact customer margin
  • A simplified margin analysis workflow allows for enhanced “What-if” scenarios when varying Promotion & Incentive choices
  • With MAT, the user sees the per-SKU Promotion & Incentive cost impact as well as descriptions of all cost modifiers. MAT enables bulk/category and per-line price modifications for Partners to set end-customer discount goals, margin floors, mark-up caps, and price targets.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Margin Analysis Accuracy for CCW Estimates: Margin Analysis input aligns with the PIT activities and leverages the PIT outputwhile also allowing manual overrides
  • Simplified Margin Analysis Workflow: Allows for enhanced What-if scenarios based on varying Promotion & Incentive choices
  • Per-SKU & Per-Line Promotion & Incentive Impacts: Provides direct exposure & descriptions of all cost modifiers
  • Exportable Results Report: Excel spreadsheet output capturing all user cost & price activities
  • Bulk & Per-Line Price Modifications: Enables discount goals, margin floors, mark-up caps and price targets

Why do you need a Margin Analysis Tool?

  • Generate profitable and competitive proposals to win end-customer business
  • To ensure profitability, partners must understand cost & list pricing, so margins are optimized

Who has access to the Tool?

All Cisco Channel Partners in the United States and Latin America can get started free of charge for the first 30 days following the instructions below.

NOTE: We are working with Cisco diligently to introduce in the coming months additional regions to PIT & MAT.

How do we access?

  1. If your company has access to PIT
    • You are all set to go. Just launch PIT on November 12 or thereafter and start enjoying MAT for a free 30-day period.
    • If you have not yet registered for PIT, you can get started now by clicking below.
  2. If your company does not have access to PIT
    • We will need to get your company registered for PIT first for a free 30-day period.
    • Click the “Get Started” button to get registered. If you receive an error, we may need to set up your company domain before your registration can be submitted
      • You will need to provide your email and your Cisco Partner Level by emailing your account manager or
      • This should take less than 2-Business days to complete the process.
    • When your company domain is established, any one in your company's sales process can use their Cisco CCOID credentials for immediate access. They will register using the Get Started button.
    • Once you have registered for PIT we will also provide you a free 30-day period of MAT
  3. Access is free to Cisco Partners in the Americas for up to 30-days.
  4. Questions: Talk to your account manager or for more information or next steps.


  • “Both the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool and the Margin Analysis Tool bring sophisticated promotion and financial analysis together, so we can quickly make decisions and take actions that benefit the customer as well as our bottom line. The Netformx tools take care of gathering and analyzing all the details about the impact of promotions, incentives, and discounts on a deal’s bottom line so we can focus on sales, profitability, and our customers.”

    ---Tyler Mathis
    Manager of Federal Operations at Zivaro, Inc.