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Welcome to the AudioCodes page where you will find the latest information on Netformx solutions and what that means for AudioCode Partners.


AudioCodes VoIP Connectivity Products are Now in the KnowledgeBase

AudioCodes is now a Premier Partner with the addition of their Voice-over-IP (VoIP) connectivity products being added to the Netformx KnowledgeBase. The AudioCodes products range from VoIP network elements, such as Session Border Controllers, Media Gateways, and SIP phones, to voice quality monitoring and advanced services such as network readiness assessment. This enables solution providers to use a single platform – DesignXpert – to incorporate AudioCodes products in their multivendor designs and proposals. AudioCodes’ products are deployed globally in IP, mobile, cable, and broadband access networks, and enterprises of all sizes. AudioCodes product descriptions, pricing, smart icons, and configuration and attachability rules are now available to users of Netformx DesignXpert Platinum Edition.

See the AudioCodes User Webinar Video - from March 2015

AudioCodes VoIP Connectivity Products Can Now be Included in your Designs

Avi Grabinsky, VP Product Management at AudioCodes talks about their VoIP connectivity solutions for enterprises and Telco service providers. AudioCodes VoIP solutions include Session Border Controllers, IP Phones, Multi Service Business Gateways, voice quality monitoring, voice recording application and more. AudioCodes is also a leading Microsoft Lync/Skype4Business partner, providing key Lync elements such as Survivable Branch Appliance, enhanced gateway and more. AudioCodes product portfolio is now available in the KnowledgeBase of Netformx DesignXpert – Platinum Edition.

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