Netformx SalesXpert

Win More Deals by Quickly Creating Accurate Multivendor Proposals

As a sales person your imperative is to win new customers. This is a challenge because their networking and data center requirements are becoming more complex and your competition is stiff. You continually walk a tightrope: to quickly create accurate multivendor designs that deliver the desired functionality at the lowest cost point while, at the same time, meeting your company’s need to maximize the profitability of each proposal.

Netformx SalesXpert™ Enables Your Success

With Netformx SalesXpert™ you can quickly and easily create complete end-customer networking and data center configurations and proposals. Following a simple workflow, you can select products from a variety of manufacturers, configure them accurately, and create a dynamic Bill of Materials (BoM) that updates automatically in real-time as you make changes. SalesXpert provides a simplified configuration experience with automatic validation and error correction of projects based on stored complex configuration rules maintained by KnowledgeXpert. It enables generalists to become specialists. The resulting configurations meet your customer’s needs and can be created and deployed rapidly and accurately, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

SalesXpert Features

SalesXpert provides an interactive user experience for you to create and configure customer-specific proposals with a single system that accesses a centralized repository of multivendor content and integrates with back-end systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enabling you to tightly link your customer information with design and configuration proposals.

  • Validated Configurations and Proposals Created Quickly, Even at the Customer Site
  • Efficiency Increased with a Single Configuration Tool
  • Multi-vendor Products and Services Library
  • Incorporate Custom Content
  • Visual Configuration Representation
  • Vendor Promotion Insights
  • Winning Proposals and Customer Deliverables
  • Seamless Integration with Your Sales Pipeline

Next Steps

  • “We experience better collaboration with a large contingent of engineers who support the sales team. With today’s complex scenarios, multiple resources need to collaborate in the design because they know the account or the product or because they need to review the design or check quality assurance. Now we can have a variety of resources engage on different parts of the solution and know that the final result will be accurate.”

    ---Michael Fitz
    Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “Netformx is very easy to work with. As an early adopter we appreciated that our suggestions were implemented quickly, providing benefit to both us and Netformx.”

    ---David Yarashus
    CTO, NetCraftsmen, LLC
  • “The customer can easily see that I can quickly deliver results beyond their expectations, and then they know we’re the right partner to meet their needs.”

    ---Marzio Medaglia
    Solutions Designer and Architect, Swisscom
  • “Using the power of Netformx Discovery, the Cisco Net Authenticate Assessment Service provides peace of mind that a company’s Cisco investment is authentic, licensed, and covered. The service assures that the Cisco network is supported before an emergency occurs and that it complies with regulatory mandates. This results in a higher level of uptime and business continuity.”

    ---Mike Friday
    Product Management Smart Service Software, Cisco