Netformx SalesXpert™


Create proposals remotely

With Netformx SalesXpert you can quickly and easily create validated and complete multi-vendor configurations and proposals that can be accurately deployed, thus increasing customer satisfaction. SalesXpert provides an interactive user experience for users to create and configure customer-specific proposals with a single system. The SalesXpert SaaS application seamlessly links customer information and configuration proposals by interfacing with CRM and other external systems.

Quick proposal configuration

Following a simple workflow, you can select products from a variety of manufacturers, configure them accurately, and create a dynamic Bill of Materials (BOM) that updates automatically in real-time as you make changes. SalesXpert also suggests alternate products that can increase a deal’s profitability. The simplified configuration experience provides automatic validation and error correction of projects based on multivendor configuration rules maintained by Netformx KnowledgeXpert™. Projects can be shared between SalesXpert and Netformx DesignXpert® users.

With Netformx SalesXpert you can:

  • Win more deals by quickly creating customer-specific, validated configurations, proposals, and BOMs, even at the customer site
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating the need to search, access, and manually integrate content from many vendor and internal systems
  • Increase accuracy and eliminate the need for specialized vendor product training
  • Accelerate profitability and achieve higher margins by incorporating your own value-add products and services
  • Maximize the benefits from vendor promotions and incentives

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Ensure accuracy by quickly baselining the existing network and comparing to what was sold



Create validated, professional multi-vendor diagrams and proposals

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