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Netformx has partnered with Tech Data, one of the world’s largest technology distributors. This partnership will help Tech Data customers better leverage the rewards Cisco offers. Seeing the impact Netformx solutions deliver, Tech Data is recommending them to their Cisco focused customers. These applications include Partner Incentive Tool (PIT), Margin Analysis Tool (MAT), and the VIP Calculator (VIPC) to simplify their ability to identify opportunities for participation in VIP, LCI, and other Cisco incentive programs.

Netformx and Tech Data are working together to help sales teams maximize profitability by leveraging promotions that align with Cisco’s strategy.

Grow deal profitability with pre-sales automation

IT solution providers are challenged daily by the complexity of Cisco incentive programs for channel partners. The programs are numerous and constantly evolving and changing. Even with hours of research “you don’t know what you don’t know.” This makes it difficult to maximize discounts, achieve competitive pricing, and anticipate payouts.

Maximize Cisco discounts to increase profitability

With automation, the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) enables Partners to incorporate incentive-based changes early in the design phase and sales cycle, whenever a Cisco BOM or CCW Estimate is being created. PIT automatically exposes and contrasts promotions and incentives and their cost benefits that the Partner might have overlooked or not fully leveraged. By incorporating them up front, the Partner can decide whether to pass the benefits on to help close the deal or retain the benefits to increase their margin. In addition, approved CCW Quotes can be analysed to validate that the approved cost discount is the best one for the opportunity.

Analyze margin for best customer and competitive pricing

The Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) provides an innovative, automated way for Cisco Partners to quickly make decisions and take actions that benefit the customer and your bottom line. With sophisticated promotion and financial analysis you can determine end-customer pricing and maximize your margins through accurate line item cost and sell margin analysis of CCW Estimates. Partners can also test for “what-if” pricing scenarios to help determine their best sales-focused cost and price strategy.

Accurately analyze VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts

The Netformx VIP Calculator (VIPC) quickly calculates your anticipated VIP rebate and provides you with insights so you always know whether you are taking best advantage of Cisco programs. You can see your potential payout details by Architecture, Annuity, and ineligible SKUs. VIPC provides rebate visibility, such as the profitability of the back-end rebates; impact of Gold Partnership Master Specializations, MIP; and Account Breakaway. With this comprehensive analysis you can anticipate VIP rebate dollars as you optimize deals.

These and other Netformx tools help you engage profitably with your customers across their entire IT journey. Netformx applies automation, optimization, and analysis to eliminate manual drudgery so that you can focus on your customers and winning profitable deals.

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