VIP Calculator 1.4 Enhancements for BOM Uploads & More

This release of VIP Calculator includes the ability to upload BOMs for VIP calculation and the ability to analyze all Cisco Price Lists globally and more.

  • VIP rebate analysis supported for all Cisco price lists.
  • Accurate VIP rebate calculations for Cost-based BOMs.
  • Limited PIT analysis available for all Cisco price lists.
  • Updates to the VIP Calculator display headers.
    • BOM Name in place of Estimate ID & Estimate Name.
    • BOM displayed as Source instead of PIT.
  • Independent Trigger operations.
    • Users can manually enable these triggers to see the Bonus payout impact on the calculated VIP Rebate.
    • Migration Incentive Promotion (MIP).
    • Account Breakaway Incentive (AB).
  • Other General Updates
    • Introduced Meraki calculation
      • Meraki sub-total shown inside the Architecture summary section.
      • Per-line Meraki SKU breakout now available in detail pane.
    • Available for both Estimate and BOM analysis.