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Optimize solutions and profitability with automation and analytics

By applying automation, optimization, and analytics throughout the sales and renewals lifecycle, Netformx applications shield you from the complexity of products, services, and vendor programs and incentives. By eliminating manual drudgery, you can focus on your customers and on winning profitable deals.

Keep MSP customer networks humming

Deliver first-rate service by ensuring your customer networks consistently run at high reliability and resilience—without failures from IT or cybersecurity issues.

The Netformx Application Suite includes:

  • Discovery: Ensure accuracy by quickly baselining the existing network and comparing to what was sold
  • DesignXpert: Create validated, professional multi-vendor diagrams and proposals
  • Pipeline Insight Tool: Gain critical business insights with a 360-degree view of your Cisco pipeline
  • VIP Calculator: Analyze Cisco VIP rebates and gain insights on potential payouts
  • ChannelXpert: Manage your sales business and optimize Cisco incentive program participation from a single pane of glass
  • AssetXpert: Predictive maintenance with ongoing assessments to find and analyze network & security risks
Brad Zonghetti
Brad Zonghetti
VP at AEC Group

Automate & Analyze Data from Many Systems
“The Netformx Application Suite give us visibility into our business in ways we never had before. Netformx automates and analyzes the data from numerous systems and puts the results at our fingertips in easy-to-understand dashboards. We can now see at a glance whether we are optimizing Cisco promotions and incentives, and the status of customer renewals.”

Netformx Application Suite
Cari Lauters
Cari Lauters
Project Lead and Alliance Business Development Manager, Logicalis

Analyze Estimates in Minutes to Increase Profitability
“With PIT it takes just minutes to analyze an estimate and see the incentive options. We used to plow through emails and take hours or sometimes even days to analyze estimates manually—if we did it at all. And now we can do What-if scenarios for situations where we don’t have deal registration, but the competitor does. PIT enables us to quickly see how we can win the deal and enables us to be much more efficient and profitable.”

NetformxPartner Incentive Tool
Steven Robb
Steven Robb
Senior VP of Solutions at LaSalle Solutions

Automation to Better Scale and Grow the Business
“Manufacturer incentive programs are changing rapidly—from quarter to quarter or every 6 months, or massive, fundamental changes. Without having good data and the intelligence in front of you, it’s very difficult to steer your business. It would be like driving in the dark. And as we grow our business, we can’t scale by just adding people; we need to incorporate tools that build automation into the business and increase the accuracy of our data.”

Application Suite

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