Cisco Partners Stack It Your Way and Get More for Less!
Marshall Eisenberg

Netformx Sr. Customer Success Manager

Marshall Eisenberg is Senior Product Strategy Manager at Netformx, where he focuses on customer success and product marketing and strategy. Marshall has more than 30 years of practical experience. His broad background and in-depth expertise make him a valuable resource to Partners, providing guidance on how they can meet and exceed their profitability and performance targets using Netformx products.

Marshall’s insights are based on extensive experience in solving Partner and reseller challenges in the areas of data networking, manufacturing, and inventory; Cisco equipment, services, and incentive programs; and complex network design. Previously he successfully managed a $30m run-rate Cisco business for a large service provider located in the Pacific Northwest.

Marshall holds a BBA degree in Business Administration and Finance from Western Michigan University.



Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m extremely focused on making sure you get something useful from our products. I can’t abide wasting time trying to sell you something you don’t need or positioning something that doesn’t deliver any value add. If one of our products doesn’t live up to its hype, I’ll be the first to tell you.

Luckily, I have spent the last eight months working on an application that truly delivers on all fronts, and it starts with this.


Promotion & Incentive stacking

As a Cisco Partner, did you know Cisco wants you to optimize your purchasing potential to obtain your equipment at the lowest possible price? Doing so lets you collect more margin dollars out of every customer opportunity. Want to see the true value of Promotion & Incentive stacking? Check out this video from Cisco on how to “Maximize Your Profits with Cisco Security”.

While the Cisco Security video above describes the various ways Cisco Promotions & Incentives work together for Security-certified Partners, what Cisco missed is a tool showing you exactly how to stack Promotions & Incentives together, until now.

Helping Netformx build an application to do just this and roll it out to our users keeps me quite busy today!

What tool is this you say?

The new Netformx Partner Incentive Tool. Here’s the proof that excites me; this recent Cisco Tribune article shares some Cisco Partner experiences on how users of the application leverage it to see how Cisco Promotion & Incentives stack together. The result is an optimal product purchase cost and not just for Security, but whatever Cisco offerings you are selling.

With my current focus on Customer Success, I have been spending a lot of time with users of and prospects for the Partner Incentive tool, and everyone who has seen it in action or worked with it expressed amazement on the value the tool delivers. While the quantity and complexity of Cisco programs and incentives are challenging, and Partners often miss profit opportunity on their customer opportunities, the Partner Incentive Tool shows how to best leverage Promotions & Incentives exactly to get you the best purchase cost! And, just because you hold a DSA, there is no guarantee you will close the business. The Partner Incentive Tool shows you where and when you are at competitive risk owing to greater discounting available via Promotion & Incentive stacking.

The Netformx Partner Incentive Tool provides you with visibility for all your Estimates and shows you how to leverage all relevant Promotions & Incentives Cisco offers to decrease your purchase costs and maximize your profit potential on every customer engagement.

Who has access?

Netformx and Cisco worked closely together to create the Partner Incentive Tool to help sales teams maximize profitability while positioning and selling Cisco products. Based on what I am hearing from other Cisco Partners, this tool is key to educating their sales teams to leverage the promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards inside of CCW Estimates. Just think, the more promotions you leverage, the lower your procurement costs, and therefore, the more margin dollars you can collect on every potential customer sale.

All Cisco Channel Partners in the Americas can get started free of charge for up to 30 days (once their company domain is set-up). Netformx plans to add additional coverage for regions outside the US and Latin America later this year. Contact sales@netformx.com or complete the Demo Request Form to get started on capturing larger discounts on all your Cisco proposals.

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