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Ittai Bareket

Chief Executive Officer

Under Ittai Bareket’s strategic leadership Netformx has become the leader in enterprise sales enablement and actionable business insights. Netformx accelerates solution provider profits with powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes throughout the enterprise sales lifecycle. Netformx has over 2,000 service provider, systems…
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We are here for you!

As I talk to our customers the common question I hear is “How can I be more profitable?” And some are struggling with fewer resources to address this ongoing challenge. At Netformx we continue to listen to your needs and evolve our user experience to address them. We are here for you!

Did you know that our complimentary Expert Services can help you collect the rewards you deserve, simplify your renewals, and find upsell opportunities? We’ll work with you to move your financial needle forward. We are here for you!

While many of us continue to work remotely, our R&D team is more agile than ever in their development efforts. Tell us about your needs, so we can automate workflow areas or fill in gaps that would benefit you. Let us be your extra set of hands to do the detail work that makes a difference. We are here for you!

Maximizing VIP Payments

We have noticed that Cisco Partners often focus on the new VIP period, without capitalizing on the previous period’s rebates.

  • Have you audited your VIP35 booking data to ensure rebates you earned are scheduled for payment?
  • Did you receive all your VIP34 rebate payments? If not, you can still claim those not received.
  • Will shipping deadlines be met so you can maximize rebate payouts for VIP35? (first payment scheduled for October)

If you need help with auditing past VIP periods, we are here for you!

How Does Your Business Benchmark?

Cisco reminds partners they can significantly increase VIP36 payouts and profitability by migrating customers to the latest solutions and by selling into new or dormant accounts with Migration Incentive and Account Breakaway bonuses. Our analysis of VIP35 partner data subscribing to our solutions found the following interesting facts for Architecture Track rebate payout:

  1. Only 22% of partners took advantage of both the Account Breakaway & MIP Programs.
  2. The average increase in VIP payout for partners who leveraged both programs is 2.1%.
  3. The best-of-breed partner that leveraged both programs enjoyed an increase of 6.5% in VIP payout.

As the payout can be very rewarding, Cisco also encourages partners to sell Subscription counted in the Annuity Track. We found that:

  1. The average Annuity rebate payout is 15%.
  2. Best-of-breed partners are achieving between 33% and 62% Annuity payouts.
  3. Partners below 12% are slow to shift their business model towards Annuity sales.

High achieving partners use the Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) and the VIP Calculator to analyze the applicability and potential impact of leveraging programs and incentives including Migration Incentive and Account Breakaway.

If you need help with maximizing discounts and rebates, we are here for you!

AssetXpert Updates

The recent AssetXpert 1.12 release improves your visibility into vulnerabilities that are often buried in the Cisco SmartNet® contracts. In a matter of seconds, users can search for an impacted product across the entire covered customer base and easily group the data in the customizable grid to act quickly. Review the update for more details and examples.

I would like to thank Native12 for sharing in a Press Release how AssetXpert and Discovery add value to their business by enabling them to quickly identify and manage hundreds of thousands of customer assets and their support coverage.

If you need help managing your SmartNet contracts and subscriptions, we are here for you!

A Helping Hand

Netformx solutions offer more than online help, we provide complimentary Expert Services to work with you to evaluate your data to ensure you are maximizing your profitability. To talk to one of our experts contact your Account Manager or sales@netformx.com. We are here to help you supercharge your business!

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