AssetXpert 1.12 - Improved Visibility to Valuable Information

Netformx is pleased to announce the launch of AssetXpert v1.12 released on August 03, 2020. Version 1.12 continues to expand access to Cisco information that can be buried deep inside SmartNet contracts.  New User Interface (UI) displays, grid controls, and innovative report export options provide greater access to the essential service details critical to keep your SmartNet contracts current and serviceable. 

This release includes the following features:

  • Expanded 'GU Name Report' now supports three (3) filtering options to aid you when opening Cisco support cases
    • Multiple GU Names (problematic if you want to create a single unified master contract)
    • Single GU Name (no issue – work as usual)
    • All Customers – a single master list tracking your mapping activities to date

GU Name Report

  • A new SmartNet Contract 'Renewable' Trigger (1)
    • Find and recover recently expired SmartNet contracts
    • Quickly isolate SmartNet contracts that expired in the last 30 days
    • Found in the 'Upcoming Contracts Renewals' (on the left panel)

SmartNet Contract Renewable Trigger

  • Improvements to the 'SmartNet Contract' grid (2 & 3)
    • New 'Mapped Customer Name' column available for the custom view
    • Bolding of Parent row when creating custom hierarchies,
    • The default number of rows per page increased to 100 (from 10)
    • New 'All' option included in the 'rows per page' dropdown
  • Updated 'Multiple GU Names' Folder Icon
    • Enhanced accessibility for the visually impaired
    • A new tooltip included

An example of how to leverage the Grid improvements:

Cisco recently announced a vulnerability in the REST API of Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM). With the new grid you can easily sort to see which end customers have DCNM. You are now afforded the ability to sort by products, products by customer, by product family etc. After the quick sorting you can find the serial number and notify the end customer before they experience an issue.