AssetXpert v2.0 for End-customer Portal updates, new Admin features, and more

Netformx continues to be agile with updates based on partner feedback.  In the December 14, 2020 release of AssetXpert v2.0 and the User Management System (UMS) v2.1 we focused on self-help features, end-customer portals and more to enhance your user experience.  For the full details, you can download the PDF of features and steps to leverage the new features.

  • Customized portals and access control via UMS
    • Upload the end-customer logo
    • Control the appearance of the Inventory Analysis tab
    • Control access to the Change Request operation
    • Suppress the “What’s New” announcement when Netformx releases AssetXpert updates
  • Enhanced user role definitions
    • Two new roles to provide the Admin more control over user access
      • Guide (Internal)
      • Viewer (Internal or External)
  • Flexible SmartNet contract grid per customer
    • The Admin can control the appearance of columns for each end-customer portal based on their preferences
  • Change request enhancement
    • Ability to select multiple change requests at the Group level
    • Tracking by asset for a previously submitted RMA or Cisco TAC Case
    • Other options for submitting requests such as open type and description etc.
  • New logic and indication for multiple GU Names
    • Notification (icon) when there is more than one GU Name contained in a CCW-R record
    • Improved reporting logic and user interface (UI)
  • Adjustment to unlimited folder creation (removing restriction for non-paying customer)
  • Removed the redundant Non-Incumbent tab from the main UI display

Download the PDF on how to get the most out of these new features.