AssetXpert 1.9 - Updated Grid for Better Column Control

Based on customer feedback we continue updating Netformx AssetXpert. With the 1.9 release on June 21, 2010, Netformx is enhancing the display results grid to enable greater control over the output shown when filtering your results. AssetXpert v1.9 provides expanded power over the SmartNet Contract user interface with the following features:

  • New SmartNet Contract Column Settings operation to allow:
    • Users to enable or disable columns visibility for the fifteen fields coming from the CCW-R records
    • Administrators can create up to twenty custom columns to establish custom column characteristics for the CCW-R line-level details
    • Users can also enable or disable Administrator created custom columns
    • Users can control and reorder the active column display by selecting, dragging, and dropping off each in the desired order
    • AssetXpert remembers the last user display settings upon logoff
  • Expanded Export operations
    • Right-click inside the results screen to export the custom view results only to:
      • CSV
      • XLS
      • XML
    • The Master Export operation remains the same, outputting all collected CCW-R fields
  • Enhanced messaging to alert the Administrator:
    • When attempting to delete a custom column currently in use
    • When a mapped standard customer folder is removed that houses active inventory uploads