AssetXpert v2.1 Released for More Customized Views

Netformx AssetXpert v2.1 was released on February 7th, 2021 to provide users more control over their customized views, and updated pre-defined layouts and a faster way to filter with a single click.

  • Customizable Views: Users can customize and preserve their view for each type of data layout
    • SmartNet Contracts
    • Software Subscriptions
    • Inventory Analysis
  • Expanded Control: Users can now individually expose critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • New SmartNet Contract ‘Custom View’ Options – Define & Save option enable users to toggle between their Default view and other views
      • Define your layout, including grouping
      • Name your layout and set it as the opening default SmartNet Contract view
      • ‘My Views’ section includes all customized views with the ability to
        • Delete view
        • Rename view
        • Change default view
    • Five (5) Revised Predefined Layouts
      • Assets View – flat view of the SmartNet Assets (‘View By Assets’)
      • Hierarchy View – assets grouped in Parent/Child associations with bolded Parent SKUs (‘View By Hierarchy’)
      • Group by Contract – assets grouped according to their contract numbers (‘View By Contract’)
      • Group by PO Number – assets grouped by Maintenance PO Number (new view)
      • Service Level Pivot – pivot-like representation displaying the number of contract numbers per service level (new view)
View Control
  • Improved Filtering: A Single Click to drive meaningful presentation of
    • Software Subscriptions (see screenshot further below)
    • Inventory Analysis (see screenshot further below)
  • New Information: SmartNet Contract detail and additional column clean-up
    • A New SmartNet SKU ‘Total Net Cost’ column was added to the SmartNet grid and export (available for Admin user-role only)
    • Unused and duplicated columns now removed from the SmartNet grid and export

Software Subscriptions

Inventory Analysis