AssetXpert v2.2 Improves Performance and more

The AssetXpert v2.2, released on April 18, 2021, focuses primarily on upgrades to the client/server infrastructure to improve overall user performance.  However, we included a few minor adjustments to existing features, along with access to training videos.

  • Administrators can now see and control the presentation of Bill to ID Columns inside the SmartNet Contracts UI
    • New 'Service Bill to ID' and 'Product Bill to ID' columns added to the SmartNet Contract grid
    • New 'Group by Bill to ID' view - assets grouped by 'Service Bill to ID' and by 'Product Bill to ID'
  • Users can now save chart structures
    • New 'Save with current chart' checkbox added under the 'Save Current View' section in the 'View Settings' menu
      • The option to save the chart only appears when the current grid view includes a chart
      • Selecting this option allows the user to save the current selected chart structure with the view
      • Applying view with included chart will load both to the grid area
  • A 'Tutorials' section now appears inside the help menu
    • New entry added under the help (?) menu on the top left corner, containing short videos helping the user better understand the functionalities available in AssetXpert.
    • Videos: There will be more coming soon
      • “Netformx AssetXpert - Inventory Analysis & Upload” (1:57 minutes)
      • New Video “Netformx AssetXpert - Customer Mapping” (7:46 Minutes)