AssetXpert 1.13 - Evolving the End-Customer Portal Experience

Netformx launched AssetXpert v1.13 on September 27, 2020. AssetXpert allows Cisco Partners to differentiate from the competition by providing end-customer portals to enable self-service management and control over Cisco Assets. End-user portal information includes details about associated SmartNet maintenance contracts and Cisco Subscriptions. Version 1.13 expands full-service oversight by providing more control over the user interface display grid and enhanced communication features.

Please review the following new features in addition to the screenshots below where the feature number shows the UI location which will provide better clarity.

  1. A Visibility control column for granular display control by element
  2. A not-visible icon indicates exclusion from all UI roll up totals
    1. This excluded item does not appear in the Product Type by Service Level Card count
  3. The default visible icon with inclusion to all UI roll up totals
    1. All the marked included items appear in the Product Type by Service Level Card count
  4. A fully customizable display grid
  5. An enhanced reporting engine
    1. Export All includes the visibility column with individual elements marked yes (visible) or no (excluded) for sorting purposes
    2. Export Current View includes only the individual elements marked yes (visible)
    3. Export options to generate CSV-, XLSX-, or XML-based output
  6. The expanded Change Request submission form includes a text field for the end-customer to provide additional notes or details to the AssetXpert Administrator about the request
  7. The ability to deactivate the Change Request notification system if the end-customer prefers direct Partner engagement for change management