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Netformx VIP Calculator Automatically Analyzes Rebates

Solution increases VIP Program payouts through in-depth analysis

  • Brings intelligence, clarity, and simplicity to managing Cisco VIP rebates
  • Increases profit by providing insights on potential payouts
  • Enables comparison of various scenarios and their impact on rebates and competition

SAN JOSE, CA—October 31, 2019Netformx®, a leader supporting the IT solutions lifecycle from pre-sales to renewal for IT solution and service providers, vendors, and distributors, announced today the newest addition to its suite of applications, Netformx VIP Calculator. VIP Calculator enables channel partners to maximize their Cisco® Value Incentive Program (VIP) rebates by automatically determining their anticipated VIP rebate amount and providing insights on potential payouts.

Cisco VIP is a comprehensive back-end incentive program designed to increase margins for channel partners. The program provides a reward to partners that achieve specified program objectives that align with Cisco’s strategy. For many channel partners, the VIP financial benefits can be substantial.

The Netformx VIP Calculator was designed to automate the process partners need to navigate in order to keep up with the comprehensive and continuously evolving VIP program. VIP Calculator enables channel partners to quickly calculate their anticipated rebate amount and provides them with insights, so they always know whether they are taking best advantage of Cisco programs.

With VIP Calculator, partners can quickly see their potential VIP payout and the payout details by Architecture, Annuity, and SKUs not eligible for VIP. Partners can also assess the financial value of their investment in a master specialization. VIP Calculator also analyzes the impact of Cisco’s front-end deal registration incentives to drive additional back-end bonus dollar contributions.

The VIP Calculator estimates VIP rebates based on the accurate SKU cost structures automatically generated by the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT). PIT analyzes all Cisco promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards that apply to an estimate. Because they are linked, the accurate cost structures created by PIT are immediately available to VIP Calculator, so partners can realize the impact of front-end incentives on back-end rebates. The rebate calculation is also based on default partner and certification status settings, SKU alignment to VIP track and sub-track payment schedules, and architecture and annuity calculation breakdown items.

 Key Facts

  • Netformx provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability.
  • The Netformx suite of applications enables IT solution providers to reduce time-to-quote 80% and reduce implementation error rates by 99%.
  • Channel partners leveraging Netformx solutions report profitability increases of over 1% and in some cases over 5%.
  • Using Netformx award-winning solutions from pre-sales to renewal, over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries quickly and accurately create differentiated, winning multi-vendor designs, quotes, and proposals, while leveraging business insights and analytics to increase productivity and profitability.

 Supporting Quotes

“Netformx VIP Calculator makes it so easy to see where we stand on our VIP payouts and what steps we can take to increase our benefits. VIP Calculator is a productivity booster since it presents all the data we need in a single dashboard, so we don’t need to spend hours doing it ourselves. And now that we know accurately what our VIP benefit will be on a quote, we have the opportunity to leverage known rebate dollars to win highly competitive deals.”

— Tom Spitnale, VP of Sales at SyCom Technologies

“Netformx VIP Calculator is our newest profitability enhancement tool for channel partners. It simplifies the complexity of Cisco VIP rebate calculations and provides insights to partners so they can maximize their rebates. A VIP program’s criteria, tracks, certifications, covered SKUs, etc. change often, so it is difficult and time-consuming for partners to stay up to date. Netformx does that for them automatically and enables them to be more competitive by modeling what/if scenarios. Now partners can quickly see the impact VIP rebates will have on their bottom line.”

Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx


About Netformx

Netformx enables partners to design and deliver multi-vendor IT solutions quickly and effectively. It helps the Cisco channel increase revenues and create an improved buying experience for their customers. Developed in close collaboration with Cisco, the Netformx application suite streamlines the sales lifecycle for pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription and renewal management. It grows profit margins by optimizing use of Cisco incentives, promotions, discounts, and rebates. Automation and powerful analytics provide business intelligence and actionable insights that enable partners to eliminate manual work, improve efficiency, collaborate, and achieve better business outcomes and customer success.

Netformx has 2,000+ customers globally including ALE, AT&T, Bell Canada, BT, Cisco, Dimension Data, Insight, Logicalis, Optus, SyCom Tech, and Telstra. Our multi-vendor KnowledgeBase™ contains client and vendor products, services, and program compliance data from vendors such as Cisco, ALE, Check Point, Juniper, and Riverbed. www.Netformx.com, Twitter and LinkedIn.

 Press Contact

Tina Morarity-Breunig
+1 408-423-6619

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