The Netformx Application Suite

Netformx is the leader in sales enablement and profit acceleration platforms for IT solution providers. Netformx delivers an application suite, which enables IT solution providers to design, analyze, and sell winning and implementable multi-vendor solutions for Enterprise customers, while operating their businesses profitably. Netformx accelerates solution provider profits by providing powerful business intelligence, actionable insights, collaboration, and automation that connect people, information, and processes. The result is increased competitiveness and productivity across the sales lifecycle resulting in better business outcomes.

IT Solution Design Engine Value


Netformx enables solution providers to increase their profitability more than 1% by reducing time-to-quote 80% and reducing implementation error rates by 99%.
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  • “Thanks to Netformx, we are a leader in automating the presales process. Automation is a huge differentiator for us because we can do real-time design, provisioning, and workflow. We can respond to the needs of our customers faster and be more efficient by creating error-free designs, do more of them, and therefore generate more revenue, i.e., get it done, get it done right, and move on to the next deal.”

    ---Michael Fitz,  Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “ChannelXpert provides us complete visibility into our deal register. We can see why deals are not closed, understand why, and then take action to avoid disqualification or reduced incentives. We now have visibility we never had before, all in a single dashboard.”

    ---Adriana Loria Arroyo, Corporate Alliances & Strategy Director, ITS InfoCom
  • “Netformx is the most important glue we have to enable us to efficiently customize every deal and yet create designs that flow through our processes in a highly automated way. That is what allows us to implement, run, and scale our business.”

    ---Michael Fitz, Vice President of Solution Engineering and the Wireline Business Unit, Sprint
  • “Netformx has enabled us to build a stronger relationship with our customer. We respond faster and more accurately, and consequently our customers come back and place more business with us.”

    ---Karl Heinzelmann, Global VP of Professional Services
Orange Business Services