Coming out of the rain and into the light!
Mark Bickerstaffe

General Manager and VP of Global Sales at Netformx

Mark Bickerstaffe is the General Manager for the Netformx Business Unit and VP of Global Sales. He is a seasoned executive who delivers measurable business value and customer success. Mark has extensive experience in enterprise software solution sales in areas such as mobility, applications, and SaaS. He has provided innovative…
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Helping Cisco Partners to come out of the rain and into the light!

I don’t know about you, but here in California we have been embracing the rain and grateful to have it.

As we March along, no pun intended, we continue to support Cisco partners with automation to increase their profitability with Cisco programs. We are excited to release the Netformx VIP Index (NVI) report for VIP41. This will provide you with insights on the changes from VIP40 to 41 and how to adjust your selling motions especially with the new Solutions Track. See the article on how to request a copy.

ChannelXpert v6.2 was released recently with updates that are also reflected in the Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT). See details below for how the release will provide users better control over the dashboard information they see and more.

At the core of our business is our dedicated DesignXpert and Discovery users that continue to grow and expand how they use the tools. We thought we would share some of the recent tips our CSM’s have been providing to users in the article below.

It is hard to believe we are already in the 2nd half of Cisco’s fiscal year. We want to make sure you finish 2023 on a high note. We are here to solve your Cisco business problems. Let us know how we can help.


Align your sales motion for VIP41!

A Special Report

You know VIP41 is here, but can you answer these questions?

  • What Cisco Subtracks are you selling today versus what you need to sell tomorrow?
  • What subtracks will pay the highest reward %?
  • What SKU’s will reap the most rewards?
  • What can you do to maximize your VIP rebates?

Get your ‘Netformx VIP Index Report’ for insight to the near term and long-term observations based on the Netformx VIP Index (NVI) value. We calculated by looking at the last seven VIP periods and comparing them to VIP41.

Complete the form or contact your account manager or sales@netformx.com.

Only available to Cisco Partners

Coming out of the rain and into the light!

DesignXpert and Discovery Tips

We have had some recent requests coming into the Support email and thought we would share some quick resolutions to help users keep moving forward.

  • Installing DesignXpert when using Windows 11:
    • If you have trouble installing DesignXpert in a Windows 11 environment this could be due to 2019C++ libraries that are already installed.
    • Recommended steps are in the DesignXpert Installation Guide under “Applications”.
    • The Guide was provided with your subscription email and serial number.
    • Contact support@netformx.com if you have trouble locating the Installation Guide.
  • Finding a Cisco Device or Component in DesignXpert:
  • New to Netformx Discovery or want some best practices:
  • If Netformx Discovery sometimes crashes when importing a project:
    • The minimum RAM memory suggested is 8GB. However, if you do very large discoveries on a regular basis, we recommend 32GB of memory.
    • If you need one time assistance with the upload, you can send the discovery to support@netformx.com and we can assist.
  • Getting help with DesignXpert – You have 2 options:
    • You can submit a case in the application which will automatically attach the log files.
    • Or review the FAQ steps on what to send via support@netformx.com.

Other resources we recommend for answers:

ChannelXpert v6.2 released for better LCI insight and user control

We are pleased to announce that ChannelXpert v6.2 includes a number of requests Cisco Partners have asked us to include. Recent updates allow users to have better control over the information they see in their dashboard, get better pre-sale LCI Pipeline reports and more. Please continue to share your ideas with your account manager and CSM.

Below are the key feature upgrades.

  • Data collection has been transitioned from PPE to PXP in order to display all LCI Activities in ChannelXpert.
    • Users will see a new Column for “Cisco Status” that reports on the current opportunity status for all 15 activity status options from PXP. This eliminates the need to sign into PXP to get the status and allows opportunity sorting by status type.
  • New capabilities for the Adopt/Use tab enable users to archive opportunities and add notes.
    • CSM’s can hide opportunities they will not be addressing to clear the field and declutter the report, and then easily unhide opportunities if needed.
    • Notes can be added and edited as needed. A best practice is to include the date and name of the CSM assigned, or the person entering the note.
  • A refreshed ‘Create Plan’ link in LCI Adopt provides a better user experience.
  • Users of the Pipeline Insight Tool (PIT) can now see a Potential Payout Amount for Adopt and Use deals in the LCI Pipeline report. This helps identify deals that meet Adopt or Use Rules and reveals which ones will yield the highest payout.

For the full update and screenshots visit our Product Updates page on the website.

Coming out of the rain and into the light!

Thank you for continuing with Netformx on your automation journey to increase profitability through Cisco programs. We want to ensure you are making the most of your tools, and leveraging best practices shared in our blogs. We appreciate your loyalty and are pleased to play a part in your 2023 success as a Cisco Partner. Let us know how our tooling and experts can be of further help at sales@netformx.com.

Coming out of the rain and into the light!






Coming out of the rain and into the light!

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