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Mark Bickerstaffe

General Manager and VP of Global Sales at Netformx

Mark Bickerstaffe is the General Manager for the Netformx Business Unit and VP of Global Sales. He is a seasoned executive who delivers measurable business value and customer success. Mark has extensive experience in enterprise software solution sales in areas such as mobility, applications, and SaaS. He has provided innovative…
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Show me the Money!

Are you hearing this from management? Winning the deal and doing so profitably is becoming more elusive all the time. It’s a new Cisco Fiscal Year. So what can you do differently in Cisco FY24 than you did in FY23?

If your margins are thin, maybe you can do what some savvy Cisco partners are doing which is looking at the backend rebates and rewards that Cisco provides to help put profitability back into the deal. Managing the nuances of VIP, CSPP, and Lifecycle Incentives (LCI) can be difficult. Cisco provides you a lot of data around these programs, but it may still require some deep diving to wade through the information to manage your deliverables efficiently.

That is where Netformx can make a difference in your business outcomes. I highly recommend checking out the articles below that address:

  • A Step-by-Step guide for LCI to simplify managing the many requirements
  • A VIP42 Index Report to highlight how to adjust your selling motions for VIP42
  • The upcoming move of our Discovery solution to the cloud to help you give your customers peace of mind when you and your MSP team deliver network resilience by managing their assets in a way that keeps the network fresh and secure!


Lifecycle Incentive Management just got easier for capturing reward $!

A blog by Mike Johnson, Customer Success Manager

The constant we are hearing from Cisco Partners is their Executives are not happy with the lack of Cisco incentives that were collected in FY23. Finding extra rebate and reward dollars is key to your profitability. Netformx focuses on bringing the Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) data into focus to better guide you through the process to capture those rewards.

In this blog we:

  • Introduce a new Step-by-Step Guide to get the most out of ChannelXpert’s LCI dashboards and streamline your processes
  • Identify a Best practice approach to taking action instead of figuring out what needs to be done.

Show me the Money!

Get the Netformx NVI Report for Cisco VIP42 insights to maximize VIP rebates.

A blog by Mike Johnson, Customer Success Manager

Cisco has implemented significant changes in VIP42 incentives to encourage you to sell products and solutions that they consider a priority. The Cisco VIP program rewards you for helping them (and you) achieve their strategic goals.

Do you know what the changes are and how they will impact your rebate earning potential and overall profitability? We broke down VIP-eligible SKU data by Track and subtracks. The resulting “Netformx VIP Index Report” (NVI) reflects the number of eligible SKUs and their payout percentages. The higher the index, the better potential that SKU area has for a higher rebate payout.

Cisco had 3 webinars over the last two weeks with some tips that you won’t read in all the materials they provide. We have included those callouts with our analysis to summarize how to adjust your selling motions for the VIP42 period. Read the full blog and contact sales@netformx.com to request your copy of the NVI Report (exclusive to Cisco Partners) to help you to maximize your rebates and align with Cisco’s strategy on how they want you to sell Cisco.

Show me the Money!

Discovery & AssetXpert Merge to provide AI Based Network Resilience for MSP’s, Engineers, and Renewal teams
(Coming Soon)

Netformx has been in the business of baselining Cisco-based networks for 20+ years as a premier Discovery desktop tool. We are excited to share that we will be launching in Netformx Q4 a substantially enhanced version of AssetXpert as part of the Netformx SaaS suite of tools that will address 3 different organizational teams.

Who can benefit from the new AssetXpert?

  • MSP/MSSP’s will significantly benefit from this innovative cloud combination of Discovery with an added focus on security and asset management to better service the customers’ networks they manage. The new AssetXpert will include a robust cybersecurity solution, Orchestra Group’s Harmony Purple Solution, which combines 6 different security tools into one for continuous threat exposure management (CTEM).
  • Current AssetXpert users that focus on managing renewals and asset inventory, can upgrade to add ongoing Discovery to understand where assets may be nearing End-of-Life, or to look for upsell opportunities.
  • Current Discovery users leveraging the Desktop tool can upgrade to a more robust Discovery solution in the cloud to simplify network assessments on an ongoing basis. Partners that move to the cloud version can also experience the features of AssetXpert to simplify renewals, and better manage their customers assets, with end-customer portals available as well. Please note that upgrading to AssetXpert is not required, and the Desktop Discovery tool will continue to work as it does today.

When launched the new AssetXpert will provide the following business outcomes.

  • Optimized quotes and monitoring with cutting-edge assessments that ensure networks are refreshed and secure
    • Use innovative AI technology to rapidly create an accurate baseline of a current network
    • Insight to prioritize equipment vulnerabilities and risks to address (CVE, PSIRT, and EOX)
    • Ensure network resilience by identifying needed security, asset expansions, replacements, and upgrades
    • Validated data to efficiently manage contracts, subscriptions, assets, and renewals
    • Identify network segmentation and segmentation opportunities to build a Zero Trust Network
  • Increased win rate and revenue opportunities through continuous automated network assessments
    • Rapidly conduct deep network assessments to create detailed proposals
    • Integrated vulnerability detection ensures an enhanced network device security posture
    • Easily conduct scheduled, automated, and accurate assessments of the customer’s multi-vendor network
    • Continuously ensure the network architecture supports the customers growing business needs
    • Reduce support costs and maintenance churn with end-customer self-management
  • Greater customer loyalty and stickiness as a trusted advisor
    • Keep customers up to date with insightful ongoing network assessments
    • Provide customer peace-of-mind with enhanced network device security and management
    • Stay engaged on upcoming contract and subscription renewals, equipment upgrades and EOX situations
    • Differentiate yourself by providing end-customer portal views and self-management of network assets and renewals

If you want to learn more, talk to your account manager or sales@netformx.com and share the news with your MSP teams as well. Or better yet, introduce us to your MSP team lead!

We are here for you!

Recently Cisco Partners have shared some value they get from our tools that they can’t get through other tools.

  • Having insight into Lifecycle incentive opportunities in their sales pipeline is a game changer with the Pipeline Insight Tool. This has solved a problem with access to information that they couldn’t get from Cisco, their CSM tool, or their CRM system.
  • While PXP does provide the “Maximum” possible Lifecycle Incentive reward, it is not the information they need to prioritize where they need to take action when it comes to earning the payouts. ChannelXpert’s insight to the “Actual” incentive dollars, provides a streamlined way to prioritize and presents the actions to take much more efficiently.

Obviously, we are pleased when partners share why Netformx helps. We are here to provide you with tools that extend your ability to earn incentive dollars from Cisco, and to deliver solutions that will help you become a trusted advisor for your customers. Please reach out to us at any time. You can contact your Account Manager or sales@netformx.com.

Show me the Money!






Show me the Money!

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