A Message from the GM

Change is in the air!

I can’t believe Spring is already here in the US and we are at the end of a busy quarter. It makes me think of this anonymous quote “Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be”. At Netformx, we are here to help you with change, such as getting your arms wrapped around Cisco VIP39 and juggling all the LCI requirements to not miss out on any of those valuable rewards.

To help Partners transition to VIP39 you should check out the article on how the Netformx VIP Index Report will help you change your selling motions to maximize VIP39 rebates.

We are pleased many of our Partners are leveraging LifecycleXpert to manage their LCI rewards and are finding great value from the new experience released in ChannelXpert v5.0 at the end of last year. We still have some users that have not transitioned from the old LCI experience which will be sunset in Q2FY22. See the details on how we can help you to change your LCI workflow and achieve better results.

Two of our Customer Success Managers Marshall Eisenberg, and Abbey Tewari, have been busy recently blogging about how to get more out of LCI and VIP respectively with best practices and our tools. You should visit their blogs on a regular basis.

One last note, if you are a partner seeking Advanced CX Specialization and have not yet passed the Audit we can help you get your tooling and processes in place quickly. Contact your account manager or sales@netformx.com. Also, a reminder for Gold Partners that the Customer Experience Specialization or Advanced Customer Experience Specialization is required to be achieved on or before April 7, 2022.