ChannelXpert 5.4 updates for VIP and LCI Programs

We are pleased to announce the release of Netformx ChannelXpert v5.4, which includes improvements to LifecycleXpert and ChannelXpert’s VIP interface. Here are some highlights, but we recommend you review the full product update article.

  • Lifecycle Incentives (LCI) Updates
    • Cisco’s LCI Adopt expanded deal bands have been included
    • CSP Expiration date tracking has been reset to the Booking date when there is a future start date for the subscription
    • If a missing Deal ID is added, you will be assured there won’t be a duplicate LCI opportunity
  • VIP Updates
    • Support for new VIP39 definitions
    • Updated VIP37 shipping details

If you need assistance with training with any of the ChannelXpert or LifecycleXpert features, contact or your account manager.