ChannelXpert v5.4 updates for VIP and LCI programs

Netformx is pleased to announce the ChannelXpert v5.4 update, which includes improvements to LifecycleXpert and ChannelXpert’s VIP interface.

LifecycleXpert LCI Updates

  • Cisco’s Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) Adopt updates including the expanded deal bands (Entry & Extra Large) and modified payout structures now appear in the LifecycleXpert Opportunity interfaces

  • We’ve improved the accuracy of CSP expiration date tracking for business booked with a future subscription start date. For those cases the CSP and PoP dates will be based on the Booking date instead of the subscription start date.
    • An icon next to the P.O. Date notifies you of this condition, and a matching pop-up warns you of any potential date discrepancies.

  • LifecycleXpert automatically removes duplicate LCI Opportunity entries when you insert the missing Deal ID into the applicable Activity UI line.
    • LifecycleXpert removes the matching line in the Opportunity UI only for business uncovered by Netformx – Opportunity lines preceded by the orange “N”  icon.

    • In the example below (assuming these represent the same business), when the CSM enters the Goodyear Tire Deal ID into the Activity UI, doing so removes the corresponding Deal ID from the Opportunity UI.


ChannelXpert VIP Updates

  • Support for new VIP-39 definitions
    • The new Annuity subtracks for Meraki & Mass-Scale Infrastructure have been added to the overview table.
    • Notifications on certification and specialization expiration dates will now be presented.
    • The ‘Prerequisite Status’ will be updated given the effect of CSAT on the certifications.
  • Updated VIP-37 Details
    • Cisco stretched the shipping cut-off date to April 30, 2022
    • The new cut-off date now appears in the timeline.
    • A notification has been added for the last shipping cut-off date for VIP-37.

If you need assistance with training for any of the ChannelXpert or LifecycleXpert features, contact or your account manager.