New LCI Export Filter Option in ChannelXpert

Netformx continues to evolve our applications in an agile manner, to deliver the features that can help Cisco Partners quickly drill down to the data they need to increase their revenue. We now have two options for exporting LCI data. The traditional export of all data remains an option, but now you can also filter the data to provide a clearer picture of the data that is most important to you.

  • Export Filtered Data –
    • Export data as shown in the dashboard, including all filters you apply.
    • An excel files is created with 3 sheets according to the 3 tables in the dashboard.
    • Only the columns shown in the dashboard appear in the export.
  • Export All Data –
    • Exports all LCI data regardless of any filtering you may have done in the dashboard.
    • This Export creates excel files with one single combined sheet showing all LCI opportunities.
    • Additional columns are available in this export, such as “Architecture”, “Activate” and “Adopt”.

Users can now choose which type of export to use based on the needs.

LCI Export Options

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