ChannelXpert 4.0 for a Deeper dive into VIP with added Insights

With the release of ChannelXpert v4.0 users can now take a deeper dive into their VIP status and actions to take under the new “VIP Insights” tab.

Netformx ChannelXpert v4.0 VIP Insights
  • Focused: VIP Rebate Status & Transaction Insights
  • Streamlined: A top-to-bottom redesign
  • Simplified: Maximize & Secure your VIP Rebates

A redesigned unified view centered on (3) key aspects to track your VIP dollars.

  • Status Tables describing all essential Architecture & Annuity targets & breakdowns
  • Actionable Insights listing VIP matters requiring immediate attention
  • Visual Timeline tracking critical current and upcoming VIP milestone dates & events

ChannelXpert 4.0 also includes a new Shipping Check view, providing details on the shipping status for all the orders in current and previous VIP periods and tracking on

  • New orders
  • Shipped orders
  • Yet to be shipped orders
  • Orders with an open support case

Control Panel Update

  • Update to the AssetXpert ribbon in the Control Room Panel shows a color change to align with other ribbons in the Opportunity section.

Not a ChannelXpert user? Contact your Account Manager or to learn more.