ChannelXpert 3.5 - LCI Management in a Single Pane of Glass

Netformx is pleased to announce the release of ChannelXpert 3.5. This update solves the biggest challenge we were hearing from partners for Lifecycle Incentives (LCI). They were looking to quickly identify opportunities, see timeframes to take actions, and track activity, plans and payouts.

ChannelXpert 3.5 LCI Value for Partners

  • Actionable: Simplify LCI identification with data that is refreshed daily from multiple data sources:
    • Including for the first time 2Tier Disti data
    • Data that is collated for a more streamlined process
  • Automation: Mitigate loss of LCI reward payout opportunities with automated consolidation of all the LCI Opportunities, Plans and Activities in a single pane of glass.
  • Visibility:
    • Insight on LCI opportunities
      • Easily identify eligible LCI opportunities
      • Justify a company business case to become specialized in LCI with a lookback at expired opportunities
    • Tracking of thresholds for accumulated Net Bookings across Direct and 2Tier Disti data
    • Monitoring of required Plans and Activities deliverables
  • Reporting: Easy access to generate reports in the way that is most useful for various audiences and charting capabilities for presentations and more.

ChannelXpert 3.5 New Features

  • Access to 1Tier & 2Tier data Direct and Disti providing the opportunity for you to manage all your LCI opportunities with full filter capabilities
  • 3 new tabs
    • Architecture Bookings
    • Annuity Bookings
    • LCI Activity & Enrollment to bring in all your enrollments and Plans
  • High Level Filters to help you get to the data quickly – for Architecture and Annuity Bookings
    • Identify opportunities for Use (Activate) and/or Adopt & Expand
    • The ability to group data by Expiration dates 30/90/90+/Expired
    • Eligible and Ineligible opportunities that are defined by the amount and the date
    • Sorting by Track, PO number and any other attribute
  • New charting capabilities to add to your status reports and presentations
  • The ability to move the columns around to make it as friendly as you want for your usage.

We continue to gather feedback for the next version to make the data even more digestible with more filters, and access to even more data buried in spreadsheets. Share your input with your account manager and customer success contacts.

Not a ChannelXpert user? Contact your Account Manager or to learn more.