Short on resources for your Cisco CX program to earn LCI rewards?

In case you weren’t aware, Netformx has partnered with two Cisco partners that are offering Customer Experience (CX) services:

  1. As experts in earning Lifecycle Incentives rewards, they can support partners who need a set of helping hands to assist with all the motions required to earn rewards for Activation/Use and Adopt.
  2. Additionally, they can help partners that wish to quickly achieve advanced CX specialization status.

These channel partners can also be a one-stop shop for a combination of expert hands-on help and to get you a subscription to Netformx automation tools for access to the data needed to simplify managing your rewards, or to meet the CX audit tooling requirement for Advanced Specialization.

Check them out:

  • Veytec, the first Premier Partner to pass the Advanced Specialized CX Audit with Netformx tooling. They can help you plan and execute your CX audit by providing the resources and expertise you need to move quickly toward certification. They can also assist with your ongoing requirements to achieve LCI rewards. Learn More
  • Taleka can provide consultants, trainers, and hands-on resources—acting as an extension of your customer success practice—to help deliver more value to your customers. Their experienced team and honed processes help Cisco Partners work toward Customer Experience Specialization certification and, post-certification, to scale their practice and drive revenues through Lifecycle selling, delivery, and LCI incentives. Learn More