A Message from the GM

Change is inevitable!

I talked in the last newsletter about “Change is in the air”. Change is everywhere we look these days. As a Partner led Company, we see our customers (Cisco Partners) adapting quickly to new selling motions each VIP period. It is especially notable to see the growth and maturity of CX Groups as Partners pursue excellence in Customer Satisfaction around Cisco Solutions.

“Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine.” —Robert C Gallagher

At Netformx we have added 3 new team members this month as examples of our own change, Brad Sullivan - Sr. Account Manager, and Customer Success Managers - Alison Armstrong and Mike Johnson. See the article.

We continue to look at the world from a Cisco Partner perspective and focus on ways to make it easier for partners to take advantage of all the generous rebates and rewards Cisco offers.

I encourage you to read through the articles in this Quarterly Newsletter. Included are Blogs that offer best practices advice, some updates to our tools to better serve your automation needs, and hands on resources through our new channel partners that can simplify the capturing of LCI rewards in conjunction with our tools.