Partner Incentive Tool

Netformx Partner Incentive Tool

Unlock the potential of Cisco promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards

IT solution providers are challenged daily by the complexity of Cisco incentive programs for channel partners. The programs are numerous and constantly changing, so promotions that are available today may be gone tomorrow. Even with hours of research “you don’t know what you don’t know.” As a result, partners often just take simple DSA cost discounts and miss other substantial opportunities to increase profit.

Netformx and Cisco worked closely to create the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool (PIT) to help sales teams maximize profitability by leveraging promotions that align with Cisco’s strategy. This tool enables your sales team to instantly analyze and visualize all available promotions, incentives, and other profit rewards that apply to a Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Estimate. You can then choose the preferred options that enhance your competitive position and improve your company’s overall profitability.

PIT helps maximize discounts and increase gross margin in the pre-sales process, before quoting and deal registration. Unique in the industry, PIT automatically analyzes Cisco Estimates, exposes—on a single screen—all the current relevant incentives in stacks, and summarizes their impact on discount percentage. So the user whether it is the Solution Architect, Sales Support Rep, or Account Manager can quickly compare DSA cost discounts against PIT stacked discounts. They can then choose the discount stack that is most applicable to the customer opportunity and that will enhance the company’s competitive position and overall profitability. Users can also fine-tune the inclusion or exclusion of individual programs to anticipate a competitor’s cost structure.

The Partner Incentive Tool also provides insight into suggested product replacements to increase and enhance the backend VIP Rebate potential when the Estimate progresses to a Guided Deal Registration (GDR) and order.

PIT and the Netformx Margin Analysis Tool (MAT) work hand-in-hand to quickly optimize cost and margin for every quote iteration. PIT promotion and incentive scenarios can automatically be provided as cost inputs to the Margin Analysis Tool. By toggling between PIT promotion and incentive analysis and MAT customer pricing activities for the same Estimate, the user can immediately see the impact on an opportunity’s margin.

With Netformx Partner Incentive Tool you can:

  • Maximize sales profitability through automation, financial analysis, and efficiency
  • Gain insights into Estimate costs prior to quote and GDR approval
  • Increase profitability by automatically analyzing CCW Estimate costs and potential ROI
  • Visually see all potential cost discounts and promotion “stack-ability”
  • Easily share alternates and summary details with sales and deal registration teams
  • Increase VIP rebate potential with suggested replacements
  • Enhance team accountability and attain the best discounts with 360-degree user activity visibility
  • Drive better alignment to Cisco’s strategic direction

  • “The new Netformx Partner Incentive Tool is a huge time saver for us. Instead of manually accessing multiple, complex vendor systems and grinding through data, we can focus on the business: taking actions to maximize profits and gross margins.”

    ---Jim McKenna
    Vice President-Strategic Partnerships, Black Box Corporation
  • “The Netformx Partner Incentive Tool enables Zones” pre-sales teams to identify opportunities and take action early in the sales process. We are now able to utilize an intuitive, user-friendly format across all account teams that will streamline the quoting process, grow profitability, and improve the sales operations. This allows us to focus on what we do best: provide five-star experiences to our customers as their First Choice for IT™.”

    ---Scott Priest
    VP and GM, Partner & Product Management at Zones
  • “The Netformx Partner Incentive Tool provided immediate value by uncovering deeper discounts from an overlooked promotion. It quickly identified modifications that we could make during the presales process that would impact our bottom line. We no longer need to research promotions or depend on the memory of a few experts. The options are automatically presented on every proposal, and it’s trivial to select and incorporate the best one for our customer.”

    ---Jason Eatmon
    VP & Principal at Development Group Inc.
  • “We are excited about the additions to the new Netformx Partner Incentive Tool to help partners increase their profitability. The Netformx Partner Incentive Tool is easy to use and allows partner sellers and leaders to stay on top of the Cisco programs and incentives, so they can grow their deal profitability and stay ahead of the competition.”

    ---Rick Snyder
    Senior Vice President, Americas Partner Sales at Cisco
  • “Both the Netformx Partner Incentive Tool and the Margin Analysis Tool bring sophisticated promotion and financial analysis together, so we can quickly make decisions and take actions that benefit the customer as well as our bottom line. The Netformx tools take care of gathering and analyzing all the details about the impact of promotions, incentives, and discounts on a deal’s bottom line so we can focus on sales, profitability, and our customers.”

    ---Tyler Mathis
    Manager of Federal Operations at Zivaro, Inc.
  • “It’s awesome and a great tool early on. Insightful, saves time, very easy to work with, very simple, straightforward and valuable.”

    ---Cisco Partner, user of the Partner Incentive Tool
  • “After contacting my Cisco AM, he agreed that better pricing was available to us, which we leveraged. The tool paid us back in spades due to our taking advantage of the increased cost discounts afforded to us via the previously overlooked promotion.”

    ---Cisco Partner, user of the Partner Incentive Tool
  • “Have been able to use the tool to help me modify some estimates to uncover some deeper discounts.”

    ---Cisco Partner, user of the Partner Incentive Tool