Cisco API Change Requires DesignXpert/Discovery Users to Run the Updater – 24 January 2024

Cisco has changed their API’s which required Netformx to update their processes to access the Cisco information in DesignXpert and Netformx Discovery. The old API’s will stop working soon.

All DesignXpert/Discovery users should review the following steps for continued access to Cisco data:

  1. Users may need to run the Updater, so they are on DesignXpert version or later in order to continue their access to Cisco information. 
  2. Even if you are set up for auto updates, we recommend you check your version. If you are not on the correct version, run a manual update and then restart DesignXpert/Discovery. 
  3. If you are set up for manual updates you will need to run the Updater. After updating you will need to restart DesignXpert/Discovery.
  4. People can check their version using the Updater:

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