Use Netformx Discovery to inventory networks throughout the Customer lifecycle

Netformx Discovery now provides value for the full customer lifecycle from pre-sales, post-sale, and through the renewal. Stay on top of your customers network over time to maintain a baseline of their actual network and throughout the lifecycle identify upgrade, replacement, and enhancement opportunities.

  • The accurate customer baseline information becomes the basis for Netformx DesignXpert solution designs.
  • Fed into Netformx ChannelXpert, users see a summary of client assets, assets confirmed in use, replacement opportunities, and converted sales revenue.
  • Discovery results are available to Netformx AssetXpert so users have accurate status information on their customers’ network assets for renewal discussions and upsell opportunity identification whether it is Cisco or another vendor’s product.

With Netformx Discovery, users quickly gain insights on equipment that is underpowered or underutilized, end-of-life or out-of-service, a potential security vulnerability, or otherwise in conflict with a customer’s evolving requirements.

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