ChannelXpert updates for LCI and VIP

We are pleased to share that many of the updates in recent ChannelXpert releases are based on partner requests. Please keep sharing your ideas on how we can deliver a better user experience.

  • LifecycleXpert now includes calculators for S.W. use cases for both Enterprise Networking and Collaboration subtracks.
  • The VIP Dashboard now includes:
    • More than 3 VIP periods in the shipment status check screen as Cisco continues to extend VIP shipping deadlines.
    • A cost source column in the VIP Eligible report indicates whether the Tier 2 costs are actual or estimated.
    • Annuity data columns in the Purchase Detail Report include start / end dates, and duration of the subscription.
    • An Excel file can now be exported from the Previous VIP Period Payments Graph

The Product Update article will provide more details and screen shots of the changes.

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