ChannelXpert v5.9 – Incorporating Estimated Disti Deal Costs

Netformx is happy to release ChannelXpert v5.9. Included is an LCI user improvement for Adopt/Use which now includes an estimated Disti Deal cost and a minor adjustment to a VIP Report so when it is exported the Pivot tables will work properly. 

Lifecycle Incentive Improvements for Adopt/Use Opportunities

An Icon will now appear next to Disti Deals in the Opportunities tab. Clicking on the Icon will indicate “The Deal Cost could not be found for this distributor opportunity. Therefore, an Estimated Cost has been provided.”


Cleaning-up VIP Report Exports to better support Pivot Tables

Adjustments were made to clean-up the Status Check export to the Excel report in order to better support Pivot tables.

If you need assistance with training for any of the ChannelXpert VIP or LifecycleXpert features, contact or your account manager.