A Message from the CEO - Ittai Bareket

Bring on the Insights!

We look forward to Cisco Live next week as we continue supporting Cisco partner transformation and help them stay aligned with Cisco’s strategic direction. Our strategy is to continue making it easier for partners to have more actionable insights to increase profitability as they service and support their customers lifecycle.

Delivering more insights than ever before, with a rebranded PIT

Getting the right insights to your pipeline early in the quoting stage can be a game changer for your potential for profitability and competitiveness. Delivering greater insights resulted in the “Partner Incentive Tool” being rebranded as the “Pipeline Insight Tool”, still PIT, no matter how you look at it. Having access to Estimates, Direct Deals, and BOMs (i.e. Disti) in a single dashboard with better insights for VIP, LCI, Margin Analysis, alerts and more can make a big difference. See the news article for more details about this week’s PIT v5.2.2 release.

Deeper VIP insights with ChannelXpert v4

Check out the new VIP Insights tab in ChannelXpert v4.0 and login today. Learn more about the new dashboard experience as Carmen Shelton at Technologent has shared:

“ChannelXpert v4.0 VIP Insights dashboard has given us the visibility into the timelines of all critical Cisco VIP milestones, due dates, and events in a single place. We’ve never had this before. This means we can quickly and accurately zero in on the rebate status and actions needed for the current and previous VIP periods, which is fantastic. No more going to multiple portals and Excel files to manually capture the information. Plus, ChannelXpert helps us rapidly identify any errors coming from data mis-matches and allows us to maximize our rebates. We couldn’t run our Cisco business as effectively and efficiently without ChannelXpert.”
--Carmen Shelton, Director of Strategic Alliances at Technologent

Veytec drives CX delivery leveraging LifecycleXpert insights

Veytec was an early adopter and influencer using Netformx LifecycleXpert to streamline their lifecycle business processes on their journey towards achieving Advanced Cisco Customer Experience (CX) specialization. Thank you to Pat Henson, VP of Operations at Veytec for sharing their experience in a recent a press release. Pat talks about how they can now focus on their customer and as they run their daily business, qualify for profitable incentives from Cisco while they continue to invest in their CX Practice.

Netformx added to Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack

Jay McBain, Forrester principle analyst, states in his recent blog “Managing a plethora of concurrent activities without sufficient automation is no longer possible”. He prepared a chart of software companies that are delivering automation for sales processes, workflows, and partner programs to help companies win, serve, and retain their customers. Netformx is proud to be on the list.

There is much more to share, so I invite you visit the other articles in this newsletter and enjoy Cisco Live.