A Message from the CEO - Ittai Bareket

Finishing Cisco FY21 Strong with Automation!

We are seeing partners make great strides with automation to ensure they are finishing Cisco FY 2021 strong. In this newsletter, several Partners shared what they are doing to gain efficiencies with Netformx automation which is driving increased Cisco rewards and rebates and more. I also am excited to share that we are closer to launching our new CSM tool to manage the Customer Experience lifecycle.

Thanks to SyCom Technologies for sharing their experience with PIT and the LifecycleXpert features of ChannelXpert in a case study where automation elevated their Customer Success practice and helped them to capture more Lifecycle incentive rewards. Also, thank you to Techminds for revealing how they save time, shortening the sales cycle, with Discovery and DesignXpert.

Leveraging our data collection, aggregation, and modeling technology our new CSM tool will soon be up and running, eliminating months of customization and configuration required with generic CSM tools. Beyond meeting the minimum tooling requirements for the Cisco advanced CX specialization, SuccessXpert is designed with the automation you need to continuously access all your data and efficiently manage customer health scores and successful business outcomes.

There is much more to share, so I invite you peruse the other articles in this newsletter.

Netformx Q2 News to help Cisco Partners finish FY2021 with automation.