A Business Case for Saving Time on Discoveries and Proposal Design

We have seen a recent surge in Netformx Discovery and DesignXpert subscriptions to baseline networks and create solution designs. You may have seen in a recent press release how Techminds Technologies is using Netformx Discovery and DesignXpert to eliminate manual tasks and quickly perform network assessments and audits of extensive customer networks.

Techminds invested in Netformx for these business benefits:

  • Saved time and money by automating manual tasks such as reducing discoveries that would take weeks to just hours or even minutes
  • Increased customer satisfaction from insightful and professional reports and graphs that are generated automatically
  • Plug and play capability to simplify incorporating additional information not identified in a typical network audit, such as device history
  • Automated design capabilities to create simple and complex validated multi-vendor Network designs and clean-up organically designed underperforming networks
A press release on how Netformx Automates Techminds Technologies Network Audits