Pipeline Insight Tool and VIP Calculator News

As an IT solution provider, you are challenged daily by the complexity of creating customer solutions. Yet do you have the data you need to make presales decisions that will increase your competitiveness? Have Deals been thoroughly analyzed to maximize profitability?

When preparing the Estimate are you taking into account the potential Cisco program discounts and downstream dollars you will get through VIP rebates? Are you taking advantage of any available Lifecycle Incentive (LCI) SKUs?

Do you have a full pipeline view of Estimates and Deals across your sales team?

If you don’t have ready access to this kind of information before registering a Deal your proposals will likely be less profitable and competitive.

Support for EMEA Price Lists

Read about the PIT 5.2.3 release which includes a new notification mechanism for Deals, and EA filter, and the EMEA price list is now inside.

Visibility to Deals through Distribution

The PIT 5.3 release now supports visibility to Deals through Distribution. Users now have Approved Deals analysis when sourcing Cisco products through a single named distributor or directly with Cisco.  The updated interface provides PIT PMs a 360-degree view of Cisco Approved Deal attributes to share with the Partner organization.